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Naked Infusion 365


An amazing product used to infuse natural and herbal extracts in the hair, detangle hair easily, and protect hair when styling with thermal tools.


Detangles matted hair

Protects hair from heat damage

Repels frizz

Infuses natural oils and vitamins into hair

Softens & smoothes brittle hair

Adds natural & healthy shine

Lightweight; doesn’t weigh hair down

Fills porosity for color application

3 Natural Extracts:


Cypress Oil - helps to promote healthy hair & scalp and reduce dryness & hair loss associated with natural aging.

Almond Oil - rich source of magnesium, treats split ends and helps to prevent hair loss, moisturizes hair and encourages growth of healthy and shiny hair.

Jojoba Oil - molecular structure readily received by hair & skin; forms protective barrier over the hair shaft, locking in moisture.

6 Essential Vitamins:


A - helps the scalp produce a healthy sebum to nourish & protect the hair; strengthens hair to reduce breakage.

B - helps strengthen and condition hair.

C - helps build collagen, which is highly important for hair. growth; helps absorb iron, which keeps our locks strong and healthy.

E - help support a healthy scalp and hair; help reduce the amount of oxidative stress and free radicals that cause the hair follicle cells in a person's scalp to break down.

F - helps maintain shine and strength in hair.

Omega - helps prevent hair loss and breakage, but encourages healthy, lush hair and the growth of new hair.

5 Hair Type Uses:


Natural Hair

Relaxed Hair

Transitioning Hair

Color Treated Hair

Keratin Treated Hair

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